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Meet Your Councillors

A list of all our current Soham Town Councillors with ward representation and sub committee membership.

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Soham Town Councillors
Soham South
Elizabeth Johnston – Vice-Chair of Soham Town Council (CA/CALT/P/F&P)
Glenn Woodbridge – (CALT)
Ali Woricker – (TBC)
David Woricker –
Charlotte Simoes  – (TBC)

Soham Central
Philip Lane – (CA/P)
Peter Leonard – (P)
Sally Prior – (TBC)

Soham North
Rosemary Aitchison – (CALT/P)
Glenn Dyer –  (CALT/P/F&P)
Anne Pallet – (CA/P/F&P)
Hamish Ross –
Charles Warner – Chairman of Soham Town Council (CA/CALT/P/F&P)

Finance & Policy (F&P)
The current Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the Council & the Chair persons of the Standing Committees

Planning (P)
Anne Pallet (Chair)

Cemetery & Allotments (CALT)
Glenn Dyer (Chair)

Community Amenities (CA)
David Woricker (Chair)

Community Facilities Working Party

(re-established in 2017 to oversee Phase Il of the building)

  • Elizabeth Johnston (Chair)
  • Rosemary Aitchison
  • Charles Warner
  • Anne Pallett


  • Note: The current Chairman & Vice Chair (in 2019-21 Mr C Warner & Mrs E Johnston) are Ex Officio members of all Standing Committees & Working Parties as well as Finance and Policy.

Rosemary Photo

Soham North

Rosemary Aitchison

Council Committees:Community Amenities, Cemetery & Allotments & Planning

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Glenn Dyer Portrait Photo

Soham North

Glenn Dyer

Council Committees:Cemetery & Allotments (Chair), Planning and Finance & Policy

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Elizabeth Soham Portrait Photo

Soham South

Elizabeth Johnston

Council Committees:Present on all Committees. Vice Chair - STC

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Soham Central

Philip Lane

Council Committees:Community Amenities & Planning

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Portrait of Peter

Soham Central

Peter Leonard

Council Committees:Planning

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Anne Soham Portrait Photo

Soham North

Anne Pallett

Council Committees:Planning (Chair) & Community Amenities

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Soham North

Hamish Ross

Council Committees:Cemetery & Allotments and Community Amenities

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Charles Soham Portrait Photo

Soham North - Chairman

Charles Warner

Council Committees:Present on all committees. Chairman - STC

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Glenn Soham Portrait Photo

Soham South

Glenn Woodbridge

Council Committees:Cemetery & Allotments

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Portrait photo of Ali

Soham South

Ali Woricker

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David Soham Portrait Photo

Soham South

David Woricker

Council Committees:Community Amenities (Chair), Planning and Finance & Policy

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