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Soham Town Council has a Duty to consider where there is resident Demand provision of land for allotment use. Soham Town Council has provided land for Statutory Allotment use at 3 land sites in Soham since the 1930’s at:

  • Berrycroft
  • Millcroft (The Butts under a land lease arrangement with Pembroke College) & at
  • Weatheralls

For an aerial view of locations please click here. (There are no toilets -each site offers different amenity provision (ie water)).

Soham Town Council is a member of NSALG.

To enquire about current availability, waiting lists and applicable fees please contact the Town Office.

Currently Cllr Warner is the Team Lead Cllr for Allotment matters

Currently Soham Town Council is looking at all its land holdings including allotments to investigate whether any of its assets could be better used or repurposed for its growing population needs as well as changing resident requirements and benefit(s). Whilst the Council currently has no intention of selling any Statutory Allotment Land where it does consider such option it will not only be with resident consultation, at market rate, under consideration and assistance of NSALG and will require application to and the written permission from the Secretary of State.

Need help? Get in Contact

01353 723472

Council Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 9am – 1pm (voicemail available whilst closed)

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