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Cemetery & Burials

Soham Town Council is a Burial Authority and provides a Cemetery for burials and a Garden of Remembrance for cremated remain interments at Fordham Rd Soham. For an aerial (overhead) view of the grounds please click here

In addition Soham Town Council maintains the grounds within St Andrews Church yard which is designated a closed cemetery under a Closure Order made under the Burials Act in around 1855.

The cemetery at Fordham Rd consists of older areas that have been consecrated and are within the Conservation area (where the paired Chapels are located areas marked A-K) and other more recent land additions where the Council provides for multi-faith and non denominational committals and interments (grave side consecrations).

Currently more land is being sought to add to existing for the long-term sustainability of this community amenity. Due to reducing space availability and the difficulty of accessing these formerly pre-purchased spaces Soham Town Council no longer allows speculative pre-purchases of grave or cremation spaces but will allow one additional adjoining space allocation at the time of a burial/interment.

For more information including current regulations, burial fees (including installation of memorials) any discounts to residents applicable and application forms please contact Soham Town Council Offices.

Currently Soham Town Council is looking at all its land holdings including that of potential land acquisitions for burial space to accommodate its growing population.

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