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Committee Meetings

At its  June 2021 meeting Soham Town Council decided to try a different approach to its structure with the view of potentially speeding up not only decision making but delivery of its services and functions.

The Authority for all Project, Priority and budgets (Precept) -the 3 P’s will remain as decisions of and set by the full council at its monthly meetings. This will allow the democratic process and decision making to be observed and  transparent allowing for requisite overview and scrutiny by residents. All cemetery matters and only large scale housing developments under Planning remain for listing at full council meetings. Minutes (official record) of all monthly council meetings will continue to made available on this website.

Until further notice the Standing Committees of Planning, Finance & Policy, Cemetery & Allotments and Community Amenities will be suspended (past agenda and minutes may be viewed here) and replaced with delegated Lead Cllrs in functional areas of

  • Planning,
  • Finance & Policy
  • Community Amenities
  • Allotments.

The appointed Lead Cllrs along with other Cllr volunteer(s) will be responsible for delivering projects and priorities within the budgets set by the full council. The introduction of Lead Cllrs with volunteer Cllrs will make it more easy for residents to liaise with a person on their specific issues and allow for certain matters to progress under ‘normal business’ rather than for each and every matter to go to full council. The corporate changes will be reflected in changes to the Governance documentation by which the town council operates.

Resident should approach  Lead Cllrs appointed to functional areas as highlighted above  and/or the Town Council Offices.

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Council Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 9am – 1pm (voicemail available whilst closed)

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