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Dog fouling & Barking (nuisance)

Allowing dogs to foul footpaths, verges and common land is unpleasant antisocial and in some cases can spread disease. Carrying E-coli and parasites, dog foul has the capability of causing sickness, toxocariasis and even blindness and, for babies and toddlers exploring their newly found terrain blissfully unaware of danger and hazards, this possibility increases.

  • Soham Town Councils recreation ground is restricted by byelaws and no dogs, with the exception of assistance dogs clearly identified by jackets or with their owners’ providing ID of such, are allowed whether on a lead or not on these publicly owned lands including its cemetery at Fordham Rd.
  • Soham Town Council, under its Climate Emergency & carbon reduction measures encourages dog owners to take their dog foul home and dispose of it via the domestic waste system. In 2017 the council decided not to place any further dedicated dog bins in the town but provided additional community bins into which bagged dog foul may be placed along with normal rubbish.

Regarded as a sign of responsible dog ownership, collecting and correctly disposing of dog foul is not merely a kind community gesture but a legal requirement, punishable by on-the-spot fines of up to £80 if the owner fails to do so.*

East Cambridgeshire District Council has a current Dog Fouling Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) which makes it an offence to not clear up after a dog defecates on public land. This includes common land and roadside verges.  Failure to comply with a PSPO is an offence which can be dealt with by a fixed penalty notice of £80 or by prosecution attracting further penalty.  East Cambridgeshire District Council has issued five fines to owners for not clearing up after their dogs (as of August 2021). The current PSPO is due to expire in September 2021, and the Council is now considering whether to renew the PSPO for a further three years until September 2024. 

For more information the Dogs Trust provides a useful responsible dog ownership guide providing dog owners with clear advice on their roles and responsibilities and how best to fulfil them.

To report dog fouling please report the matter to East Cambridgeshire District Council

Incessant dog barking constitutes a public and environmental (noise) nuisance but may be indicative of a serious welfare issue. To report your concerns please report the matter to the East Cambridgeshire District Council’s appointed Dog Warden

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