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Local Highways Initiative (LHI)

Currently annually Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) operates a Local Highways Scheme whereby residents, community groups and parish (and town) councils may jointly apply for Funding to address specific highway issues such as speeding, parking, route management or to generally improve road safety. The Scheme requires the prospective applicant to complete the necessary application form as well as collect the evidence in support of any submission.

Soham Town Council’s involvement currently is limited to considering providing financial support by way of Match Funding which is a requirement in the application process. Due to limited staff resources the responsibility of making the application remains that of the resident/community group and to undertake the work necessary to provide the evidence for a successful Bid.

Soham Town Council’s Team Lead Cllr in Planning is delegated to assist residents/community groups who wish to pursue this type of Funding.

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