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Pavilion refurbishment programme (back hall)

In 2010 Soham Town Council commenced works to improve and upgrade facilities at the Community Rooms (Walter Gidney) Pavilion at the recreation ground Fountain Lane Soham.

In 2015 refurbishment works of the existing remnant of the Victorian part of the building (front end) and were completed seeing the community rooms being brought back into service and use in 2017.

The cost of this part of works was paid for by Developer CIL contributions and s106 agreements and so no monies were provided by Soham ratepayers in its modernisation. For a comprehensive breakdown of all costs associated with Phase I please click here

The back extension remains to be upgraded and proposals have always included its demolishment and replacement with a purpose built facility.

Structural survey, building audits and estimated work costs may be viewed here. The decision to proceed with any plan remains to be made by the full council. Please contact Cllr D Woricker who acts as Lead Cllr on this matter for further information and updates.

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