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War Memorial & Graves

Soham’s War Memorial at the junction of the High Street and Clay Street was dedicated on 23rd January 1921 by the people of Soham for the service men of the First World War. A copy of the Order of Service may be viewed at the bottom of this page. 

Latterly further inscriptions have been added  for the service men and women from World War II including the  names of 2 women, one of which is Soham local woman Mollie Evershed

Sister Mollie Evershed is 1 of only 2 Women on the Bayue War Memorial commemorating those who died during D Day Landings. For more information about Ms Evershed and her heroism please click here and press article (credit Ms Clare Butler with permission Ely Standard)

There are 23 War grave Commission Headstones within Soham Town Council Cemetery locations which can be identified on a commemorative plaque made from a door panel of a American KC 135 Statotanker presented to the Town Council by the 100th Logistics Readiness Squadron U. S. A. F RAF Mildenhall in 2018. This plaque is located on the circular grassed area between the two Chapels.

Soham Branch of Royal British Legion is the Custodian of, and primary to organising, Remembrance Day Parade & service in November each year in Soham and Soham Town Council has in the past been pleased to financially support this civic event by organising and paying for road traffic management. There have been and continue to be more demands made in terms of volunteers, public liability and insurances to the Parade performed at this civic event Nationally and more information on this and the reasons for change may be obtained by clicking here.

A wreath in memorial and on behalf of all residents will continue to be laid alongside other tributes at the War Memorial by the Chairman of the Council.. C

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